Little Lamb Academy of Medford

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Our Mission
"To serve Immanuel Lutheran church and our community in the nurturing and development of their children's physical and spiritual well-being."

Our Invitation
Stop by and learn more about LLAM, 715-748-2891
Mary Ellen Lawson:  (pictured)Director, 715-748-2911 or 608-317-6008, 

Our Curriculum
Spiritual Development
God is part of all that goes on at LLAM.  As a Christian Child Care Center, dail prayer and Bible Stories are part of each day.  LLAM wants each child to understand their need for Jesus and His great love for us all.

Academic Development
Curriculum at LLAM is age appropriate and includes six areas of learning:  language, cognitive, large muscle, small muscle, social and emotional.  Teachers offer children experiences planned to help each child grow and develop to their potential.

Our Staff
Through the continuing study of God's Word, and Early Childhood Education, the staff of LLAM provide activities for the children that offer the Christ centered love, guidance, and acceptance needed to grow spiritually, emotionally and academically.

5 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
Christian Child Care
Licensed by the WI Department of Children and Families.