Immanuel Lutheran Choir
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Immanuel Lutheran Choir
January 2017

Left to Right:  Nate D., Jane L., Amy N., Judi T., Elmer B., Debra T., Lori E.,
Terry K., Sandra H., Timothy J. (director), Bonnie E., Jennifer F., 
Lynn W., Amanda M., Marlene B., Kristine M., Jason W.,
Donna G., Alex D., Cathy D., Leona N.
Absent (includes all who have attended this choir season so far):
Carolyn K., Drew W., Duane A., Mary Ellen L., Samantha K.

(Thank you to Donald B., Jr. for taking the picture)
The mission of Immanuel Lutheran Choir shall be to
spread the Gospel through music by joining of
kindred spirits in song, and by leading our
congregation in singing of psalms and unfamiliar
hymns as well as to serve as evangelist in our
community by using our musical talents to
share the joy of salvation in Jesus, our Savior.
The Director's Notes:
In Memory of
Mr. Donald Dobberstein
1935 - 2010
Thank you for being our faithful choir director for 31 years!
(1959 - 1990)
Enjoy being with Jesus in heaven.
We'll see you later.
Thank you choir members for an exceptional job with the beautiful music on May 14th and for all the hard work throughout our last choir year!

Our choir is now on summer break!
If you see a choir member, thank them for being a member of the choir and for helping to praise God throughout the year.

We will be back to sing in the fall.  

The music you are listening to
is the song
"I Will Rise"
sung by the 
Immanuel Lutheran Choir.

("I Will Rise" is written by Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, and Jesse Reeves;  Arranged by Mary McDonald. Copyright 2008 and this arrangement 2011 by Thankyou Music (PRS).  Sole selling agent:  Lorenz Publishing Company.)

Immanuel Lutheran Choir claims no rights to this music.

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The Immanuel Lutheran Choir
has their own
YouTube page!
Check out the video of the pieces we sang
in 2015 through 2017 - including "Thrive", "All the
People Said Amen" "Seek Ye First", "He Is Alive" and "Because He Lives, Amen", "I Will Sing", "I'm Gonna Tell The Gospel Story" and enjoy 
"Beautiful, Terrible Cross"
by clicking on the link next to the
"YouTube" button.

Click on the following links:
Beautiful, Terrible Cross
Choir Officers:
President Terry K.
Vice President Jane L.
Secretary/Treasurer Cathy D.
Librarian Leona N.

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A Message from God's Word for you:
"By the seventh day, God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work."(Genesis 2: 2)

Tim J.