Immanuel Lutheran Choir
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Immanuel Lutheran Choir
May 2019

Front Row:  Mary Ellen L.,  Leona N., Jane L.
Second Row:  Lori E., Debra T., Bonnie E., Cathy D., Kris M., Donna G., Lynn W.
Back Row:  Elmer B., Terry K., Pastor I., Marlene B., Nate D., Drew W., Jason W., Tim J. (director)
Absent (includes all who have attended this choir season so far):
Alex H., Amanda M., Amy N., Gwen W., Michael F., Paul H., Sara F.

(Thank you to Donald B., Jr. for taking the picture)
The mission of Immanuel Lutheran Choir shall be to
spread the Gospel through music by joining of
kindred spirits in song, and by leading our
congregation in singing of psalms and unfamiliar
hymns as well as to serve as evangelist in our
community by using our musical talents to
share the joy of salvation in Jesus, our Savior.

The Director's Notes:
In Memory of
Mr. Donald Dobberstein
1935 - 2010
Thank you for being our faithful choir director for 31 years!
(1959 - 1990)
Enjoy being with Jesus in heaven.
We'll see you later.

Scroll down to the end and click on the play button (>) to hear "The Lion and The Lamb"
sung live in church by the 
Immanuel Lutheran Choir

("The Lion and The Lamb" is written by Brenton Brown, Brian Johnson and Leeland Mooring;  Arranged by Heather Sorenson. Copyright 2015 by Thank You Music (PRS), Meaux Mercy (BMI), The Devil is a Liar! Publishing (BMI) and Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP).  This arrangement copyrighted 2018 by the afore-mentioned publishing companies.  Thank You Music Admin. worldwide at excluding Europe which is admin. by Integrity Music, part of the David C. Cook Family.Songs@  Meaux Mercy and The Devil is a Liar! Publishing Admin. at,  All rights reserved.

Immanuel Lutheran Choir and Immanuel Lutheran Church claims no rights to this music and receives no compensation for it.

If you would like to support the Immanuel Lutheran Choir through a special donation or Thrivent Choice Dollar Designation, contact our church secretary, Cathy to find out how!


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Our Immanuel Lutheran Choir is now on summer break.  The choir year will start up again on September 18th and they will be singing for a church service again in October.  Stay tuned for more information of what we will be singing closer to that time.

The Immanuel Lutheran Choir
has their own
YouTube page!
Check out the video of the pieces we sang
in 2015 through 2019 - including "Our Savior Is Alive", "The Day of Resurrection", "Christ Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed", "Here I Am, Lord", "Joy Has Dawned", "This Child", "Sing to the Holy Child", "We Are Saved By Grace", "The Lion and the Lamb","Rescuer (Good News)", "Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)", "Home",  "Hallelujah Chorus", "At The Cross", "My Lighthouse", "The Apostolic Blessing", "Christ Child Noel", "Rejoice", "Sing Again The Christmas Story", "Legacy of Service", "Here I Stand", "Jesus", "I Will Rise","The Day of Resurrection", "I'm Gonna Tell The Gospel Story", 
"I Will Sing" and
"Because He Lives".
Click on: 
and enjoy!!!

Choir Officers:
President Jason W.
Vice President Mary Ellen L.
Secretary/Treasurer Cathy D.
Librarian Leona N.

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A Message from God's Word for you:
"But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side."(1 Kings 5: 4a)

Tim J.